Incredible coastal cities for summer incentive events

The best of all worlds - city buzz, easy transport links and a shimmering ocean horizon, offering fantastic water sports, idyllic dining locations and an atmosphere to erase all work-related stress. Europe has a range of stunning coastal cities where life moves between home, the office and the beach.

Located on the southern coast of Spain, Málaga has for years been seen as a transit point to the mass-tourism destinations of Costa del Sol. Over time, visitors have begun to explore this extraordinary city, with its authentic Spanish culture and fantastic local attractions. The port area has in recent years undergone a revamp with a big wheel, the Málaga Pompidou centre and fine dining amongst the rigging of the moored yachts. The city beaches host unwinding locals, joggers, beach bars and ocean traffic. And the centre of the city boasts historic sites, cultural and museums as well as shops, restaurants and roof-top bars. With an airport on the edge of the city, dedicated conference facilities and fantastic things to do – Málaga is a superb summer incentive event coastal city destination. 

The capital of Sardinia and busy port, Cagliari blends Italian style with Mediterranean lifestyle and culture. With a rugged interior, Sardinia gives way to coastal plains and beaches. The city beaches to the east of the centre of Cagliari offer restaurants, bars and surf waves, fringed by residential areas. The centre of Cagliari boasts intricate streets and elevated squares, overlooking the south of Sardinia. Nature reserves border the working port, whilst there are many wonderful villages just a short transfer from the city. It goes without saying, drinking, dining and la dolce vita are all special in Cagliari.

The dominant city and capital of Mallorca, Palma offers a stay on Mallorca that is far removed from the packed beaches and imported culture of many other destinations on the island. Bustling streets create a fantastic atmosphere, authentic local’s bars and restaurants are located throughout the city and the vistas over the Cathedral, the marina and Mediterranean waters are magical. The city beaches are easily accessed, whilst the marina is the gateway to yacht charters, sunset cruises and water sports. There is no location on the island of Mallorca which can match authentic Spanish atmosphere, the range of services and proximity to the beach which Palma delivers.

Copenhagen offers a wonderful contrast to the simmering beaches of the Mediterranean, with a superb harbour, fringed by magnificent historic and contemporary architecture, city beaches to the south of the centre and salt water canals dissecting the city centre. Home to the seafaring Vikings, Copenhagen is a mesmerising coastal city of outdoor lifestyles and wonderful entertainment. Sitting waterside in central Copenhagen, amongst the ships, wafting salty air and gazing over the staggering opera house is a special experience.

Copenhagen harbour and bridge.
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