Sailing regattas bring corporate teams together for some friendly competition on the water. The locations, hardware and trimmings of a sailing regatta make it one of the best corporate incentive event activities.

Team sailing regattas represent one of the best summer corporate event activities available. Quality hardware, film-set locations and competitive races which evolve, amidst fluctuating fortunes.

Sailing novices can take and make meaningful contributions to the performance of their vessel, all under the supervision of a qualified skipper.

Sailing is a taste of the high life, whilst offering a throw-back to nature, with a total reliance on wind – sailing can offer a real detox experience from our digitally intensive lives.

There are few competitive team event activities that offer inclusivity, whilst still being a highly technical sport – sailing really does deliver.


Under the guidance of a skipper, teams are assigned tasks on boats that tack and manoeuvre, trying to get the best of the wind, whilst marginalising the conditions for rival boats. A bit like a game of chess on water, but instead of retro furniture, there is usually some of the best natural eye-candy imaginable.

Whilst a highly technical sport, sailing actually offers a really inclusive experience, with novice sailors being given important roles on the yachts.

Sailing offers a variety of craft and racing formats. Dinghies can be sailed single handed, and are fantastic fun, whereas bigger boats require the supervision of a skipper and the crew work as a team. Rules can be as basic as the first to get around some buoys, through to flagged starts and trophies.

Very often, skippers or support boats are on hand to capture some fantastic images of the teams as they skim across the water - something to take back to office, even it isn't the winner's cup.


The open ocean is a magical place to be on a yacht and nowhere more so than the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Mallorca offers endless options to take to water, and mini-sailing regattas can be arranged for some healthy competition between the team members.

Fresh water sailing on alpine lakes offers the thrill of sailing amongst dramatic, mountainous terrain. Lake Garda in the north of Italy is known for its stunning terrain, reliable winds and emerald waters.

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