Riga – a city of liquids

Bound by the Baltic Sea, split by the River Daugava and famed for its Riga Black Liqueur, an event in the Latvian capital is never far from some form of liquid.

The golden sands of the Baltic are just a short distance from the centre of Riga. Offering huge, sweeping bays of sand and fringed by wooden house and forests, the coastline to the north of the Latvian capital is a wonderful place. Offering superb drinking and dining venues, the best of contemporary hospitality can be enjoyed, along with an eye full of Baltic Sea horizons. Summer is naturally the best time to enjoy this coast, but out of this season, the coast remains a stunning natural wonder.

Whether at the coast or in the historic Old Town of Riga, the ‘medicinal’ wonders of Riga Black Balsam are always on hand. Local plants are infused in the distilling process to produce the ‘Latvian Jägermeister’. Originally crafted by a pharmacist (assumingly during times of light-touch regulation), the recipe survived the ravages of the world wars and remains a flagship of national identity. Drunk after dinner, Riga Black is also mixed with a terrifying range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixers. It is also employed as in ice cream topping - such is its affection in this Baltic nation.

The centre of Riga is dominated by the Old Town and the River Daugava. The river dissects the city and hosts numerous leisure activities in the city. One of the great activities on the rivers around Riga is a rafting trip which features a leisurely drift down the scenic Gauja River, complete with food, drink and live music. The surroundings are wonderful, and the cruise is a great way to experience the nature of the Riga region, socialise and enjoy Latvian food and drink.

With the principal international airport of Latvia just 6 miles from Riga Old Town, the destination is superbly located for corporate meetings and incentive events. There are impressive meeting & seminar facilities, as well as a range of activities to entertain clients. Riga is certainly a corporate event destination that is only going to grow in popularity.

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