As cutting-edge as it is Heidi-like landscape, Austria is a staggering blend of glass façades & sagging farmhouses, high tech urban centres & glacial ice sheets. Immaculate, stunning, and surprising - a superb backdrop to any meeting or incentive event.


The global impression of Austria is of perpetual mountain ridges, onion-domed churches, and medal-ladened skiers. Those venturing to Austria for a corporate meeting or incentive event are in for a whopping surprise. Austria boasts glaciated peaks, crystal clear rivers and some of the most perfect villages on the planet.

Yet Austria is also home to award-winning vineyards, HQ’s from the IAEA to Red Bull, cutting-edge urban landscapes and civic infrastructure that’s indescribably impressive. For culture, trace Mozart’s steps in Salzburg, dine on modern Austria cuisine or marvel at the staggering contemporary architecture.

Austria is only white part of the year and after the ground warms the activities switch from snow to a less frigid version of H²O. Sailing on emerald lakes, white water rafting on pristine raging torrents, or simply floating on thermal spa waters, beneath cloud-piercing, glaciated horizons.

Away from the water the dining is wonderful and regional, history is everywhere in the old towns of Innsbruck and Salzburg, whilst cities such as Graz offer marvellous architectural wonders. The transport network and public facilities are jaw-droppingly impressive and for those heading to ski in Austria, yes, it’s possible every day of the year in Tirol.


Why Jagged Horizons?

- We operate a DMC in Innsbruck, the heart of the biggest visitor region in Austria - we know the region inside-out.

- Our clients include multinationals to SME’s – all are equally important to us and we have wonderful client testimonials to support this.

- We are building a wide range of sustainable event products for Austria, seeking accredited sustainable suppliers across the counrty.

Our event planning services.

- Nothing is left to chance – site inspections, local relationships – we know an Austrian event inside-out.

- As we develop the event, we add our local knowledge / input at times but never lose focus of the original client objectives.

- Our Austrian activities include land and water based action and take place with a magical Austrian backdrop. Culture, gastronomy and high-octane activities are all possible in Austria.


From the mountainous west to the vineyards and cities of the east, Austria is seriously scenic, and thoroughly engaging. Quality permeates everything from public spaces and transportation to event venues.

Outside of winter, the action turns from snow sports to water sports, hiking, dining, history & culture – all taking place in a country with huge technical prowess and bucketloads of history.


One of the great alpine cities – Innsbruck has stunning nature & history, a vibrant urban centre and superb facilities & entertainment.

Innsbruck meeting & incentive events.



The home of both Mozart and Red Bull, Salzburg offers a remarkable mix of history, contemporary culture & nature.

Salzburg meeting & incentive events.


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